Masterson's 10 YO Rye

This exceptional whiskey is crafted by artisans, distilled in a pot still and aged in white - oak casks for just over 10 years. Masterson’s is a 100% rye whiskey that far exceeds industry standards for rye whiskey. Artisans incorporate only the most fragrant and plump grains of rye and pure glacial water from the Northern Rockies into a meticulous distillation process that utilizes an old-fashioned pot still.

Rye whiskey - Aged 10 years.

A broad range beginning with dry grain, rye grain and linseed oil. Faintly floral notes that blossom slowly into sweet - scented perfume dissolve in the sweet complex aromas of gunny sacs, saddle leather and fragrant dry tobacco leaves. Very clean defined aromas are reminiscent of a hayloft, with straw, dry grass and grain dust. Along with the floral tones, vanilla pods add a sweetness, punctuated here and there with hints of raspberries. Overall the nose is dominated by the earthy aromas of canvas, wet clay, dry grain along with Chinese herbs.

Masterson’s only uses rye that exhibits the perfect combination of weight, plumpness and rich, earthy fragrance. These key characteristics, along with our meticulous distillation process, give Masterson’s its uniquely smooth taste.

Long waves of dry, spicy rye grain, some heat and bitterness.


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Alc/Vol: 45%
Size: 750 ML
Unit per case: 6