Mezcal Vago Tobola

Tobalá en Barro is made by Salomón Rey Rodriguez - Tio Rey crafts his mezcal in Sola De Vega, a region famous for its use of olla de barro (clay pots) for distillation. He uses the traditional method of hand mashing the cooked agave and a century old fermentation vat, carved by his grandfather in one piece out of the heart of a single tree. Tobalá, the most sacred and respected agave, is told of in tales and sung about in songs.  Tobalá is the most prized agave for distilling mezcal. Tio Rey harvests his Tobalá at 17 years maturity, giving the mezcal a very complex flavor profile.

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Alc/Vol: 53.4%
Size: 700ML
Unit per case: 6