Mezcal Vago Espadin

Espadin is made by Aquilino Garcia Lopez - Aquilino’s family has been making mezcal for more generations than they can remember. He cultivates his Espadin in the hills above his Palenque in the small village of Candelaria Yegole, located on the border of the Central Valley and the Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca. Yegole is an arid region of Oaxaca yet it sits on the confluence of two rivers. The dry environment coupled with ample fresh water makes it the ideal location for making mezcal. Espadin is the genetic mother of Blue Weber Agave and used in the vast majority of mezcals. Bright and balanced, this mezcal has been very well received amongst connoisseurs.

Stock Code
Alc/Vol: 50.9%
Size: 700ML
Unit per case: 6